Your life will change forever with our innovative Products.

Universal energy
It is a natural and universal energy, anybody can use it.
Highly Efficient
Due to their long life they will very efficient.
Light Weight
Products are very light weight easy to use and easy to deploy.
Smart Technology
To their creative Concept.

About Our Company

Bharmal and Sons is established in 2006 and has developed into a professional solar lights company.

From 2006 till now, Bharmal and Sons always focused on wide range of efficient and quality products which includes home appliances, mobile phones, solar lighting systems etc.

Bharmal Solar is a solar based product selling company. In which you find solar related products like solar lights and solar lamps etc…

In bharmal solar we provide solar products which are in listed in our products gallery.

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation and hard work.

Latest Company News

New product SSL02 SOLAR Street Light 20w